Follow NO. 1 Billboard Selling Country artist Lucas Hoge

around the world and join him on this epic journey.

Hoge Wild will keep the audience on the
edge of their seats with wild hunts, epic fishing trips, deep dives and Lucas' ability to make you laugh while laughing at himself.
This No. 1 Billboard selling country artist is serious about his hunting, conservation, and the taste of his harvest!

Every true red-blooded American will tell you that hunting is a way of life, and Lucas
is no different and he’s on a mission.  Lucas will take out some first time hunters and some of his country star friends.  "I want to change the narrative of hunting" says Lucas!


While Lucas is serious about his outdoor adventures, he’s all about  living life to its fullest and singing along the way, and always serving
his “Hoge Wild” game parties up with a side of laughter! 


You can follow Lucas performing overseas to duck hunting in Nebraska, Elk hunting in Colorado to deep sea fishing in Purerto Vallarta and Diving in the Cayman Islands.


Stay Tuned it's going to be a Hoge Wild Ride

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